Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Spooky Story

A long time ago, only yesterday, a very wealthy nobleman and his wife lived in a beautiful palace not far from the woods.

One morning a very terrible thing happened. The nobleman was watching television when suddenly an important update was reported. A werewolf had escaped from a sanctuary and had been seen in the woods. Two victims had been killed.

The nobleman ran straight to his wife’s room but she wasn’t there. The nobleman looked all over the palace but she was nowhere to be seen. The nobleman let out a huge yelp and asked for his hunter. The hunter ran right to him.
“What do you want?” said the hunter.
“ I believe my wife was has been kidnapped. I was just watching television when I heard that a werewolf had escaped in the woods and two people have been killed. If my wife is in the woods she will be killed as well. I want you to take this sword to the woods and kill the werewolf”

The hunter ran down to the woods and hid behind a tree. After waiting there for almost two hours he saw the werewolf. The hunter jumped out from behind the tree and cut the werewolves paw off. However, the werewolf was not killed but injured. The werewolf ran from the hunter. The hunter put the bloody paw in the pocket of his shirt and then went back to the palace. The hunter then showed the nobleman the paw. The nobleman believed that he had killed the werewolf but still could not find his wife.

The nobleman walked down to the kitchen to get a bite to eat. To his surprise his wife was making soup with only one hand. The other hand was in the pocket of her apron. The nobleman asked the his wife
“Why are you cooking with one hand?”
His wife replied
“I am using one hand because I am the werewolf your hunter chased in the woods.”

DONG, DONG the clock struck twelve.

The nobleman’s wife started to grow fur.
“What thick hair you have” said the nobleman.
Then suddenly the nobleman’s wife grew big brown eyes and the she started to grow long pointy nails that were as sharp as a knife.
“What long nails you have” said the nobleman.
“The better to stab you with” said the nobleman’s wife and she pounced on him. Blood went everywhere.

Now the nobleman is dead and we all know that all along the werewolf was the nobleman’s wife and that this werewolf ain’t coming back.
At least we hope she is not coming back.

Brittany Grade 5/6Q

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Anita Marie Moscoso said...

Hi Brittany,

I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your story because your writing is very strong and honest.

I hope you continue the story of the Nobleman's Wife. I bet she's not so easy to get rid she?

Anita Marie