Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Revenge of the Werewolves

The car door opens and a dark figure steps out...

It is a man holding a briefcase. He opens it and gazes in. Suddenly a wild gust of wind swirls the papers and they fall to the ground. A page lands at your feet. You pick it up and read it. It's the same kind of story about 'Revenge of the Werewolves'. You keep reading until the realization hits you. It is about a kid winning a competition, just like you, there is a man, just like you, theand there is a story just like the one you are reading. You convince yourself it is all a silly coincidence.

You decide to let the people in the lodge know that you're here. You step up to the door. The knob is a bit werewolves face. You put your hand on the knob and start to turn it. Just then a sting in your palm makes you jump. You take your hands off the knob and gaze down at your palm. It's bleeding!You shove the door open with a small push. You're not putting your hand on the handle again! You step inside. It is a huge building with a counter in the middle. You step up to the counter. No one is there. Suddenly a hand taps your shoulder. You turn around slowly. A kid about your age gazes at you solemnly. He wore a T-shirt and faded jeans. "My name is Cory," he said. "Get away from here," he said. You were just to ask why, when voices were heard upstairs. They were coming closer. Cory grabbed your arm and pulled you into a closet. It is pitch black. You peer through the keyhole. You see these creatures. They look like werewolves! They are werewolves! What is going on? Then you hear the most terrifying words. They sent a chill down your spine. "Tonight is the revenge of the werewolves" one of them said. "Whoever is in this building stays here FOREVER!!!

by Demi Grade 5/6 Epping Primary School

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Anita Marie Moscoso said...

This is a great story! It makes you afraid to go on to the next line..almost. Very Well told tale.

Anita Marie