Thursday, April 28, 2005

Wolf Wife

In the mountains of Auvergne, a story dating back to 1588 was told of a royal female werewolf. In the story the nobleman was gazing out of his window and upon seeing a hunter he knew asked the hunter to check with details of the hunt.

While in the forest, the hunter stumbled upon a wolf. In the ensuing struggle, he severed one of the wolf's paws and placed it in his pouch. Upon returning to the chateau with his gruesome prize, he opened the pouch to show the nobleman evidence of his encounter. What they discovered was not a paw at all, in fact, the pouch contained what looked to be a feminine hand bearing an elegant gold ring.

The nobleman recognised the ring and sent the hunter away. The nobleman then went looking for his wife. When he came upon her in the kitchen, he found her nursing a wounded arm. He removed the bandage only to find that her hand had been cut off. Upon questioning his wife she finally admitted to being the wolf the hunter had encountered in the forest and by her confession.

The nobleman could not believe what he was hearing, how could he have missed the signs that his wife was a wolf.
“How did you manage to hide his from me for so many years?” the shocked Nobleman said.
“It was not hard. I only turn in to a wolf when there is a full blue moon.”
“I was born half human and half wolf, when my mother was caring me inside of her, a wolf came up and bit her on the leg while she was collecting sticks for the fire and the venom only affected her un-born daughter (me)” the wife responed.
“How can we cure this?” the nobleman said with hope in his voice.
“DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND!” the wife screamed.
“Why can't you take me for who I am? There is no cure for this!”
“Why don’t you understand??!!” the upset wife replied.
The nobleman stormed out and left the wife standing there in the middle of the room not knowing what was going on.

The nobleman returned many hours later with an extra spring in his step.
“I've got it!” he said with excitement
“'The next full blue moon when you turn into a wolf again I want you to bite me on the leg!” he continued
“Why?” the wife responded
“So that I can be like you and we can go through the forest together, I love you wife and I want to be by your side for ever" he replied.

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Anita Marie Moscoso said...

I love a happy ending...or has this story ended? I'll check back soon...I'd love to hear more.

Anita Marie