Sunday, April 03, 2005

For Your Consideration....

Anita's Favorite Books for researching horror stories:

Writing: The Howdunit Series
Body Trauma- David W. Page
Cause of Death- Keith D. Wilson
There is a series of these books but these are the two best, in my opinion.

Forensics: This is not a tech book, it deals with real life cases with much respect and empathy to the dead:
Dead Men Do Tell Tales- William R Maples

Fiction: I'm re-reading my Clive Barker Books. He doesn't short change his female characters. We get a fair shake there ladies. You go Clive, you're the man.

If anyone has any books or articles that might be of help or inspiration to those of us writing in the Chamber, I hope you'll either post them here or on the message board.

Thanks All,
Anita Marie

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