Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Chamber of Horrors and the Legend of the 6th Floor

What, now you all want a tour of the Sixth Floor? After that baloney down in the Morgue when you all tried to trample each other to death? I had visions of it on the evening news: Students perish in freak accident in a Morgue.

Well, forget it.

Oh, stop begging. But I mean it, the first one of you to turn tail and run winds up in a jar. Got it? Okay, then lets go.

As you can see the Sixth Floor was where the chapel was...well, actually where it is because as you see, everything is still here.

The altar and all of this artwork and effigies are from a church in the Carpathian Mountains once known as the Plague Church. Yes, that’s what it was called and if you think that’s strange takes a closer look at the effigies and the carvings on the altar.

Very good, I'm glad you noticed...none of the human figures have eyes.

Do you wonder what Delphine said, when she took her place at the altar and preached the Sunday sermon? I mean, what on earth there was to say to over 100 deeply psychotic and criminally insane individuals?

Perhaps Delphine answered that question all those years ago in her own special way.

In her logbooks she blocked this time off not as " Sunday Services " or " Church ". Nope, she wrote in " Alternative Therapy Session "

To answer your question, I'm not sure it one is because this wasn't the sort of place you were released from...ever. Delphine’ s Asylum wasn't a place you came to in order to be cured. No, you came here because you couldn't be cured.

Anyway, this is the legend of the 6th Floor.

Years after the Asylum was closed people insisted that the "Alternative Therapy Sessions" were still happening every Sunday evening, and if you were unlucky enough to be here when they started you would go mad.

You would become just as crazy as the ghosts that still haunt the Chapel.

They're supposed to be here still, sitting in the pews, waiting for their treatment.

Some are in straight jackets, or other types of restraints that were popular in those days. A few of the patients wear cages that fit over their heads and rest on their shoulders, some are brought in coffin like contraptions called ' Lunatic Boxes ' and others, the truly insane walked in and eagerly waited for " Church " to begin.

It's widely believed that Delphine’ s Congregation has actually grown over the years because sure as the Sun comes up each day one fool after another feels the need to bust into the school and come to the Plague Church and attend services with Delphine’ s Congregation of the Mad.

Once a group of girls dared their friend to come up here at sunset and sit in that front pew and wait for the Session to begin.

She was sitting right there when she heard the opening and closing of doors and feet shuffling along the corridor. At first she was positive it was her friends playing a joke on her. So she sat facing the altar and refused to turn around, she didn't want her friends to see how much they had frightened her.

Suddenly those heavy doors swung open with a hiss and a horrible stifling hot breeze rushed up the aisle. With it, as if it were woven into the heat, she could hear whispering and every once and awhile she caught a phrase or two and heard laughter and giggling.

Within minutes the entire Chapel was full.

So she wasn't surprised when someone sat next to her...because she was sure that the empty space to her right was the last empty space left in the entire chapel. To her credit she wasn't terribly startled when felt something encased in canvas and metal scrape then rest against her upper arm and shoulder.

She did however bite her lips so hard to keep from screaming they bled.

Suddenly the Chapel was quiet and the girl caught the heavy scent of lavender and heard the rustle of a skirt and heard the sound of light footsteps come up the aisle from behind her. From the corner of her eye she saw light gray fabric and a woman's hand adorned with small thin gold bands on all the fingers of her right hand.

The girl snapped her eyes shut... or really maybe that's when her mind snapped.

Alternative Therapy began.

So what happens when the doors suddenly swing open and the new convert emerges?

Go on, have a seat...I'd be glad to share what I learned that evening all those years ago with each and every one of you.

Okay, I meant what I in the sweater, come back here. I told you what I'd do to the first person that made a run for it.

I warned you all, didn’t?
© anita marie moscoso 2005-text


Shiloh said...

*has her eyes firmly shut as she sits next to a pew in her wheelchair, wondering if the horrors she imagines will come to a life of their own; next to her she feels someone settle into the pew and hears the rustle of paper...*

Heather Blakey said...

No! Not the bottle! I will listen and hear if I can stop my heart from beating so hard that it drums out all other sounds.

Ebony said...

I am not sure if I am ready for this Anita Marie but I am quite sure I don't want to face the consequences of not listening to the next part of the story.

Heather Blakey said...

None of us are ready for the rest of this story Ebony but I have a feeling we are going to hear it anyway. Creepy eh!

Anita Marie Moscoso said...

Werewolves, fiends, psychotic killers and the Black my little corner of the Chambers they are all WOMEN...

Women's Lib RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, now WHAT do I do now that I've set a killer loose in the Chamber of Horrors?

Stay Tuned....I'm in one of those moods....
Anita Marie

Anita Marie Moscoso said...

Shiloh said...
*has her eyes firmly shut as she sits next to a pew in her wheelchair, wondering if the horrors she imagines will come to a life of their own; next to her she feels someone settle into the pew and hears the rustle of paper...*

3:02 PM

Hey Shiloh...
If you found a story in the Chambers and want to run with it, then go for it!

I mean, don't strand this poor girl in the wheelchair in Delphine's Plague Church....get her out QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anita Marie

Shiloh said...

Eh, we'll see. The werewolf's story is waiting its turn and so is the ghostly journal. But first the Mine is calling.

Shiloh said...

Well...we'll see what spawns in my fertile brain, ok? *smiles impishly*

Heather Blakey said...

Sounds like there is a bit happening in the creative cauldrons. Keep cooking girls.

Believer said...

Hi Anita,

I'd love to hear the continuation to this story -- on one condition: could we take a roll call to make sure all the people who signed up for the tour are still, um, with us?

Anita Marie Moscoso said...

Wellll....okay, but as far as I can tell I haven't 'lost' anyone yet. Misplaced...perhaps, you know parts and the like hehehehe

Anita Marie