Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Ghost

About 10 years ago my family and I moved to an apartment complex, it was small and nice and new and stood on what use to be a farm house owned by a family that use to scare all of us neighborhood kids.

After the family sold the house it took about 2 years before it was torn down and the developers put up the Apartments. In that time the house was never broken into or vandalized. No one threw rocks at the windows or broke in to explore.

It was shunned.

When my husband and kids and myself moved into the apartment we were only the 3rd family to live there.

At the time my youngest son was only about 8 years old and I thought the move was very hard on him. He wasn't sleeping much, he had dark circles under his eyes and when I asked if he was sick he told me, " No Mom. This little boy comes into my room every night and plays with my toys and he keeps waking me up. "

I didn't think much of it, I thought Julio was just playing games with me. I thought maybe he was missing his friends at our old place. I thought he was imagining things.

Shortly after this my sister and I were in my apartment. In fact, we were in Julio's room playing with his new pet gerbils. We were making small talk when I saw a little boy run by the door and into my bedroom next door.

I told my sister that one of the neighbor kids was probably looking for one of the kids ( my kid's friends had the habit of just walking in without knocking )and I was going to shoo him out. When I got to the bedroom door, my cat, Wolfie ran in with his ears flattened against his head, his tail was puffed and his back arched and when I tried to step out he bit my foot until I backed up. Then he sat there and made it very clear he wasn't going to let me pass.

I remember my sister telling me, " there isn't any kid, you know that right? "

Then Wolfie stood up stretched and sauntered down the hall. Or tried to. I grabbed him and we went out into the living room until my husband and brother-in-law got home. When they came through the door the first thing I heard was my brother in law say something about Wolfie looking at him like he was going to take a chunk out of him. But once Wolfie saw who was there he was fine.

We never saw the little boy again.

Wolfie is almost 14 years old now and according to my vet only looks about 8. He's my companion and friend and when I'm sick or scared he's always by my side. Some pets are pets and cats are cats and dogs are dogs.

But Wolfgang is much more.

He's seen ghosts.

The stories he could tell....

Ghost stories are a way for us to face and conquer our fears. They bring light to those dark places that can scare us. And the heroes in these stories can be anyone...or anything.
But I should warn you...this was a true story. Sometimes the things we see everyday can be much scarier then the things we can make up!

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Shiloh said...

It's not uncommon for cats to see what is on the other side. I have read other stories where cats saw or sensed ghosts. They acted exactly like Wolfgang.