Thursday, March 17, 2005


As light turns to dusk, hunters from above and beyond, come together in the forest. Armed and loaded, looking for those blasted dingo’s that have destroyed and traumatised live stock for the past six months. The sharp barking of tracker dogs set out a cry of gun fire. When silence fell, they had realised that they were in the wrong section of the forest. For one hour they have been firing into space, wasting time and effort. After one more hour, they packed it up and drove away, except for one. A local hunter an outcast to the community, continued on his search, hoping to gain local pride and respect for ending the carnivores rain of terror.

An hour goes past, still no sight of the malicious carnivore. His dog looked restless grasping for air. The night air grows cold and unforgiving. The hunter decides to turn back, and follow the others lead. Were the hunters in the wrong area of the forest? Or was it something bigger then expected?
The hunter walks down the path, hearing howling noises getting closer and closer. The hairs on the back of his neck have stood up, as silence fall. He decides to run the rest of the way, and shortly trips over. He falls to the ground hard, with something large breaking his fall. A smooth liquid covered his hands, still unaware of what lay beneath him. He turned on his torch and let out a terrifying scream. The body of a local hunter, ripped apart, with a hand missing. He gets up and tried to run but something large is standing on the path. He stops, the figure stood there without a movement. The figure lifts its arms up with a spine tingling roar. The hunter turns around, and starts to run, but to his amazement the figure is in front of him once more. He turns around to find that the figure has gone. He turns around again, the figure is in his face, snarling, breathing heavily. He turns the torch on in its face, the Jaws of Life open up, the torch drops, blood covered on the dirt path.

That was six months ago, the mysterious creature still traumatises the town and stock. Since that first siting sxin months ago the death toll has risen to ten. The forest has been closed off to the community until the mysterious creature is found and removed.

My name is Joseph Bloggs; my father went missing in 1962 after entering the forest. It is January 6th 1963, exactly six months to the day. I wondered whether I’d ever see my dad again. What had become of him remains a mystery, but the dangers that lie within the trees is an even greater mystery and sets the stage for an adventure. My bags are packed; I’m going into the forest, with a grave fear of not returning alive.

As I walk through the peaceful valley leading to the forest, I pull out my machete and tie it to my belt. I hope I do not have to use it, but for my own protection I’ll keep it by my side. I reach the forest fence, not able to jig the lock. I decided to jump the fence. Once I was over, I was pulled down by someone, or something. It was the local sheriff, not looking too pleased at my stunt.
“What are you doing here boy? You know this area is off limits”
I watch on with no reply hoping he will just knick off, so I can get on with the job I came here to do.
“So…answer me!!!!”
I try to get up and run, but he grabbed me by the arm, when suddenly something launches from the trees.

Oh my god it’s really happening, the thing has taken the sheriff hostage. I reach for my machete, but it was too late. The animal snapped the sheriff’s neck, like it was a bread roll. I start taking small steps back but I’m trapped. I am right against the fence line with the creature advancing. Sirens sound and brakes screech, gun shots were released. The creature scattered into the forest dodging what was left of the shots. I fell to the ground, with a sigh of relief, as uniformed men approached me. I blacked out, but I felt the weight of floor as I was dragged into a vehicle.

I wake up in a cell, my hands tied back behind the seat. A cold room, with a large mirror on the side of it. The door opens, two men with suits and black glasses walk in. My heart starts to race as they approach me; one of them pulls out a knife, and cuts the rope around my hands.

“What do you want with me?” I asked, silence continued its agonising toll.
“You have seen something you were not meant to see”.
What is this guy on about, everyone knows about this creature.
“It is not wise to throw away your life so foolishly Mr Bloggs”.
I remained still not moving a muscle. The intimidation is taking its toll on my body, and I start to tremble.
“Only you can see what is beyond the carnivore’s terror, you know who or what it is deep inside, but you refuse to believe it”.
I really don’t know what this guy is on about; this must be some kind of joke or something.
“Forget your conquest Mr Bloggs, I believe the truth behind what you want to see, is fear”.
I cop a blow to the head, darkness once again.

I walk outside in a misty valley; it must be early morning because the mist is so terribly thick.
I turn around, no ones around, that same voice calling my name said it again behind me, I turn once more, and no one is there. Shadows engulf my surroundings, the voice repeats itself I turn, and it does it again this time its close. I turn once more; my father is less then an inch away. I fall backwards to the ground.
“Father, you’re alive” he does not reply.
Suddenly his face changes into the face of my attacker. It lets out a terrifying laugh it leaps I scream.I wake up in my bed I felt my body, no injuries. What a dream.

I can’t help wonder if that’s what the man in the suit meant? Is my father a monster? I walk to the window and stare at the misty rained out paddock. I close my eyes for a brief second to deal with what I have just seen. I open my eyes, I see my father in the distance, standing in the paddock. I shake my head and look out once more. I see the monster, carrying something in its claw. Oh my god it’s a head! Whose is it? The creature turns away and walks towards the forest. I ran out the door with my machete, and ran into the fog. I lost it, I hear chains rattling. I am not alone, but I do not fear death. I shout to the creature
‘Show yourself! Where is my father? Show yourself!'
A spine tingling roar, sounds, it felt like I just jumped out of my skin. I turn and hear the creatures laugh once more. Suddenly, it disappears and moved swiftly in front of me, as if teleported itself. My stomach stung as blood dripped to the ground. I was slashed. The creature returned to its original position ‘you will die!!!’ it shouted as it teleported itself again. Suddenly a shot was fired; the creature fell on top of me, dead. The man in the black suit with his shot gun had finished the job off for me.

I roll the creature over and a terrifying site is what I saw. My father, eyes closed, without a movement. A drip fell from my eye, as my body filled with adrenalin. I got up and ran towards the man with the rifle and threw punches wildly. Bang, one more shot was fired.
‘The gene pool Mr Bloggs, runs in the family, you would have soon became a carnivore”. I fall to my knees this is the end. I fall face first into the grass without any resistance.

This was my brother’s story, my name is James Bloggs, and I’ve documented my brother’s journals. I was there in the distance when my brother was shot. I have been living on the run for the past 18 years hiding away, making sure I live to tell this tale. The town will pay for the death of my brother.

As I look into the mirror, a familiar snarling face starts to appear. I walk out the door, with a terrifying roar; I will have my revenge on this town. This is my story, the man in the suit was right, when he spoke about looking beyond the carnivore’s terror, and finding out the truth. Well they have eliminated part of the truth, forgetting I am the last sibling.


Anita Marie Moscoso said...

I for one would love to see how the creature is found and removed. Will more creatures be showing up? One can only hope....

Anita Marie

Heather Blakey said...

Well done Tim. Like Anita Marie I would like to here more abou this creature and the havoc it wreaks within this community.