Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Chambers Challenge...

a little nightshade perhaps?

I've been working on a writing exercise involving Horrible Words.

The idea is that you create a list of horrible words and you play with them. Use your dictionary and look up their definitions. Use your thesaurus, use your imagination.

How will these words inspire you?

Will you see pictures? Hear a story? Have a nightmare or two?

These are some of my favorites:

embalm, dementia, torment, impale, infest, grave, shroud, demon, curse, hex, shriek,
torment,wicked, surgery, secrets, ghouls, gasp, curses and death, plagues, poison alone, malice, burial

Want to see where these words have taken me?

Take a look here at to see for yourself.

Happy Haunting!


Lois said...

Thanks Anita,
I am in ....
I feel one has to be in the mood to write about you agree...If one is feeling happy,full of life and very very contented then one might need to wait awhile before starting on a horror story....
There is a word coming up very and I mean very consistently on the site over the past few days and that is......CONFUSED and
CONFUSING....Now if that could be put into a horror contex I could write about this....

Will have a go tonight at writing
a horror story...Lois
(Muse of the Sea) 20.1.06

le Enchanteur said...

What a wonderful activity Anita Marie. First up I will pull out an old piece that I have lying around but then will have a go at using these words.